Reasons to Write

So, I decided to start blogging in order to get down some of my ideas and random thoughts that occur to me throughout the day. I am not decided on how to structure this page, but I have a feeling that it will grow organically as I go along.

I think that it is important to share information and knowledge. We all have a wealth of knowledge through our experiences and that makes our points-of-view unique and insightful. As technology progresses and becomes more available it is easier for everyone to share their experiences and learn. As such, you would think that knowledge would grow exponentially with the availability of collaboration.

I suppose when you look at things from a long enough timeline our knowledge has grown at an exponential rate. It was only a few hundred years ago that modern science took its present form and we have done so much with it in that time. I just wish that it was the same in the soft sciences as well. The knowledge hasn’t seemed to make it to the average person, yet.

Then again, people have to want the knowledge and must seek it in order to gain it. Technology can also be our greatest hindrance in the accumulation of knowledge. Reality shows have simply dumbed-down our collective intelligence. When the world cares more about who will be the next great pop singer more than the next President of the United States, we have a problem.

I look forward to making this blog something that shares my insights as well as the knowledge gained from others. Together we know so much more than we do alone. The next step is to apply it.


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