What can we Learn from the Stanley Cup?

Chicago Blackhawks v Los Angeles Kings

I think I mentioned that my wife and I are big Chicago Blackhawks fans.  Well, last night the Blackhawks captured the most coveted trophy in all of sports, the Stanley Cup!  Huge victory and a great example of perseverance and sacrifice throughout the entire playoffs.

This postseason was rife with comebacks and triumphs.  It was amazing to watch all of the teams work so hard for the chance to hoist the cup and have bragging rights.  I think that it is amazing that these players (mostly kids in their early 20s) have sacrificed so much of their lives to hockey.  Most of them would probably say that it has not been a sacrifice, that hockey is their life.  So how do we motivate ourselves just like the Blackhawks did?

Do what makes you happy!
Easier said than done, right?  Everyone tells you to do what makes you happy.  I think that is a difficult thing.  It is finding the things that make you happy in what you do and focussing on them.  Not everything about what we do makes us happy.  I am sure that the players don’t like traveling for 50 games a season, staying away from family and friends.  I am also sure that they don’t like having to nurse gashes, concussions, and breaks while they still go back on the ice to get hit all over again.  But they do.  Sports has a rare gift in that there is immediate gratification in a win.  There is an immediate knowledge of failure or success.  After 3 hours you know if your work paid off.

  1. Make small successes throughout your day.  Create a checklist and every time you cross something off, that is a success.
  2. Focus on what you like.  You still have to do the stuff you don’t enjoy, but savor the things that you do.  By doing this you take your mind off of what you dislike about your job and train your mind to think of the good things.
  3. Create long-term objectives.  Decide to create a relationship with someone.  Organize your work area over the next week.  Rearrange the office for better work flow.  Update the filing system.  Something.  This will give you something to look forward to: your own Stanley Cup.

If we can focus on what makes us happy, if we can have small victories that create momentum, if we have long-term goals, we will enjoy what we do and be willing to go through the injuries to get it.

Go Hawks!

What are some other tips you have to earn your own Stanley Cup?


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