Napping on the Job



Build in time to take a rest.  This is often neglected in managing projects.  Here are five good reasons you should build in the time.

A better outcome. 
Time away from a project will allow people to think about it from other perspectives.  As we do other things we can make associations that we wouldn’t otherwise make, allowing us to approach projects with new points of view that might result in better solutions.

Recharging = Rejuvenation. 
Separation makes the heart grow fonder (or at least helps to prevent burnout).  Giving team members a break from the project will help them to stay passionate about it.  Just make sure to provide the flexibility to come back to it sooner than scheduled in case inspiration strikes.

Down time can be fun time. 
If you can’t give “time away” then give “time at play”.  Create some time for the team to be together without working on the project.  This helps to build personal relationships which will strengthen the team and will affect the success of the project.

Focused work doesn’t seem so bad. 
We are all on the time crunch.  Burnout can happen easily.  However, if you can schedule the time away, it provides a time for members to look forward to or be recharged from, allowing for a more focused approach when the time calls for it.

Make it a milestone. 
Scheduled breaks based on milestone accomplishments provide for celebrations of successes and reward time for goals met.  Taking some time to celebrate and recharge is crucial for long projects.

Taking a cat-nap isn’t all that bad, and in many cases will improve the overall results of your project.  Additionally, as a project leader, it will help you keep your team on task and motivated.  You need to take care of your people, not just work them to the bone.  Keeping this in mind will make you the type of project leader that people like to work with, making you and your projects more successful.

Happy napping!

How do you recharge your teams?

How can you apply “naps” to your projects?


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