Crybabies can Take a Walk


Can you identify the crybabies at your place of work? Is it you?

Symptoms of a Crybaby

  1. Fingerpointing: “Sharon did it!”
  2. Making Excuses: “I’ve had so much on my plate I haven’t been able to get it done.”
  3. Changing the Topic: “I know, but… How are things going in Shipping lately?”
  4. Placing Blame: “Well I may not have finished the report, but Tim didn’t get the presentation done.”
  5. Sweating the Small Stuff: “It’s so hot in here.” “I need a new chair, this one is uncomfortable.”
  6. Naysaying: “Why do we do it this way?” “This is stupid.” “Things are so messed up.”
  7. Speaking in Absolutes: “I ¬always have to do this.” “She never has enough work anyway.” “I have to do everything.”

Ways to not be a Crybaby

  1. Help others out: “Hey Sharon, do you need some help?”
  2. Take Responsibility: “I know I missed the deadline. That is why I am working to finish it right now.”
  3. Address the Issue: “Thanks for bringing that up. I will take care of it immediately.”
  4. Own up to it: “I apologize. I struggled with the first part of the report. Do you have any tips so I can get it done more quickly?”
  5. Fix it OR Forget it: “I dress in layers to stay comfortable.”
  6. Bring Solutions: “Can we try it this way to see what happens?” “I have a suggestion on how to improve the situation.”
  7. Understand the Difference Between Perception and Reality: “It seems I do a lot of these reports. Could you help with knocking a few of these out for me?”

How to deal with Crybabies

  1. Let them know they are doing it and refer them to the above suggestions.
  2. If (1) fails, let them take a walk right out of the front door.

Crybabies bring down morale and create a negative work environment for the rest of the team. If you can’t coach them out of it, start working them out of the team.


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