Finding Your Own Motivation

I find it hard to motivate myself sometimes.  I don’t know of anyone that is always on.  We have days (even weeks) where it is hard to get anything accomplished.  A slump.

But how do we keep ourselves motivated when there is no other stimulus to do it for us?  I was outside playing with my dog, Bernie the other day and I noticed that he was able to keep himself motivated even when I wasn’t helping out (go ahead, watch the video and don’t say “Aww”, I dare you).

Change Things Up!

The same thing all of the time is comforting, but it also creates monotony.  Try something different, even something as simple as a new route during the commute.

Set Your Goals

Knowing what you want to accomplish and keeping it in front of you is a good way to always get you back on track.  It is better to be going somewhere slowly than to not be moving at all.

Take a Break

Get out of the rut by just getting away.  Some of my best ideas have come to me when I am not even thinking about the same subject.

Seek Advice

Get someone else’s perspective.  Their point-of-view may be just what you needed to get you going.

In the end it is your own responsibility to provide motivation.  We often look to others to inspire us and it is true that these shots in the arm are necessary sometimes.  But for the day-to-day we must take accountability for our own actions.  It’s not someone else’s fault if we don’t get up in the morning.  Or throw our own Frisbee.


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