Technical Creativity


Don’t discount creative thinkers in technical roles.  Also, don’t discount technical thinkers in creative roles.  We use both our left and right brains every day.  Granted, some people are prone to use one side over the other, but that doesn’t mean they can’t reach into and borrow from the recessive hemisphere.

When you look at history, many of the great scientists were also artists, and vice-versa.  The best example I can think of is Leonardo da Vinci.  The man could do just about everything and is known for his contributions in both art and science.

When you consider the imagination it takes to build bridges, skyscrapers, chemical processes, medical devices and more, it is easy to see how creativity must lead design.  A prime example is how science fiction becomes science fact.  Imagination is ingenuity.

Some ways to foster imagination and technical accuracy…

1)      Get out of your comfort zone.

2)      Change your perspective.

3)      Play games at work and at home.

4)      Become a student of many disciplines.

5)      Take on new hobbies that work your recessive side.

6)      Encourage others to join you.

Being one way is not better than the other.  We often discount the arts in business.  But the arts are what keep us building new things.  Cultivate both minds, and you will see exponential results.